Why Faceless Technology Requires More Contact

What does your best customer look like? Are they blond, dark haired, tall or short with a light or dark complexion? I ask this question because we often don’t know what our customers look like. Some might argue that it doesn’t matter. I would agree that in many cases, it doesn’t matter.

I was in a hotel lobby a few months back and a person shouted my name. I turned around and didn’t recognize who the person was. They knew me and my brain churning didn’t come up with a name to match the face. As it turned out, I had met this person several times and had lunch with him a few years ago. Yes, it was almost embarrassing; I finally remembered who he was.

Why Customers are Faceless

Customers don’t come into our businesses like they used to. They use the internet or the telephone which creates a faceless image of our business. If we want to awaken our brand and image, we must put a face to our business. This can be a picture or a logo creating a brand.

One of the reasons I use my picture in all my selling materials is to create a strong brand image for my clients. I want them to remember me and my company logo. This is my brand. It’s important to create brand awareness, so people know what you represent whenever or wherever you meet them.

On a completely separate occasion, 6 months ago, I attended another conference. This time, I had never personally met anyone from this group. None the less, there were several people who walked up to me and introduced themselves. They recognized me from my picture on my website and the company logo on my shirt. Hurrah! I had accomplished my goal of creating a brand.

Giving Customers a Face for Business

If you and your best customer took the same elevator, would they recognize you and know who you are? Would you know what they looked like?

Unfortunately, many businesses and salespeople are faceless to their best customers. This is a sad commentary when we have so many image branding tools we can use. Image branding technology tools can solve a faceless image. We just need to apply the image and branding technology that reminds our customers who we are. The more consistent and frequent our communications, the deeper we brand our clients with our image.

Consistently use your logo, brand or photo on all your communications.
Create a memorable tag line for your service or business and use it consistently.
Balance your communications, so customers know your voice, image and signature.
There are only a few ways to make a memorable impression. When we blend and balance our communications, we become more noticeable. One of my favorite technology branding tools is brand mail. It applies a consistent image to all the emails I send. This matches the website, business cards, stationary, and my shirts. Businesses and salespeople must adopt a “remember me” attitude. If you are not branding your company communications, how will someone recognize you?
It is impossible for us to recognize customers we never meet face to face. This is understandable. However, if they don’t recognize us, and they are a top customer, we have an image problem.

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